We’re an awesome team of passionate professionals

Wellness Recharge Picton is a brand new, modern wellness facility where anyone can come to achieve their health and wellness goals and leave feeling invigorated and recharged.
You will find Wellness Recharge Picton to be a hub of passionate professionals from a wide range of allied holistic health services. All of whom are committed to enabling individuals to regain and maintain balanced health and well-being for their mind, body, and soul.

wellness recharge picton

Our Mission

At Wellness Recharge Picton, we teach our clients to move their bodies and exercise within their limits. We recommend our clients include stretching and exercise as a part of their daily activity.
We offer many classes within the studio to help our clients move their bodies and remain supple and flexible throughout their day.
At Wellness Recharge Picton, we promote the well-being of the whole person. Our practitioners will help you maintain the health of your mind, body and soul.
To enjoy the simple pleasures in life and maintain freedom and independence, we need functional bodies. We can help you develop and maintain the wellness that will allow you to move through life freely and without limitations.

Have you asked yourself what you want from your daily activities?

A functional body
Restoration not depletion
Better flexibility
Inner strength

We offer it all at Wellness Recharge Picton.


Wellness Recharge Picton

Unit 16, 70 Bridge Street Picton

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