Elly Grenfell - Clinical Nutrionist

Food is The Most Important Part of A Balanced Diet


Meet Elly Grenfell

Qualified Clinical Nutrionist

Elly is a fully qualified Clinical Nutritionist and passionate foodie with a drive for holistic and lifestyle nutrition.

Personal compliance through individual treatment plans, set with personalised and measurable goals, food education, meal recipes, and ongoing support, provides clients with health results for personal growth and harmony between body and mind.

Elly is an intuitive nutritionist, working with individual client concerns to set achievable goals that help change life symptoms. She believes all humans want and need to be heard to get to the root of food issues and disease states.

In her spare time, you will find her laughing and playing with her two children, Harmony 11yrs and Beau, 14yrs and her two dogs, a cat and chickens.

Nature, river walks in her village of Berrima or making a mess in the kitchen are all her wind-down activities. Whole food cooking and vegan raw desserts fuel her love in the kitchen.

Clinical Nutrionist

“I practice functional medicine – a system of addressing the underlying causes of illness, not just focusing on symptom relief and a temporary band-aid solution. What I love to do with my clients is to put together the ‘puzzle pieces’….as we slowly begin to unravel the layers and form a real understanding of their health issues. I am committed to helping facilitate my client’s long-term well-being. Creating health and harmony within the body via nutrition is fundamental to my practice. Knowing what to put into your body to get the best out of it is often challenging – that’s where I come in.”

During a clinical nutrition consult, I’ll ask you what your goals are and why you came to see me. Next, I’ll review your family and medical history, including any medications and supplements you are currently taking. I’ll then dive into your stress, sleep patterns, energy, and gastrointestinal function. Finally, we’ll discuss your current diet, eating habits, dietary preferences and cooking ability.

I help my clients overcome long-standing health conditions through adopting healthy eating, addressing vitamin and mineral deficiencies, eliminating ‘bugs’ (parasites, unbalanced gut flora), reducing toxicity, addressing genetics and enabling the body to heal.


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