Hi! I’m Linz, the founder of Grounded Flow Yoga and Meditation.
I have been a part of and living in the Wollondilly Shire since 2016, the local community has become an integral part of my life and supporting local small businesses is something that I always strive to do. Which is why I am so honoured to be a part of Wellness Recharge, Picton.
I have been practicing yoga regularly as a student since January 2016 and have reaped so many benefits from that journey both physically and mentally.
I started Grounded Flow after gaining all of my qualifications to connect with the local community and create bonds while supporting students while they deepen their own practices.
Off the mat, I can be found trying to live mindfully with my husband, two small daughters and our little Frenchie pooch, who is the Grounded Flow pooch ambassador.
I love to walk barefoot when I can feeling the earth beneath me, finding opportunities to learn and grow daily, getting my hands dirty in the garden and lying on the grass in the park while my daughters create fun memories (sometimes there are tears!) in the playground.
You can also find me on a brunch date with my eldest son who is now a young man, who is always reminding me that time is fleeting and to live in the now more before time passes me by.

Nature, connection, community, family, growth.
That’s just a little of my world.


  • Slow Flow
  • Vinyasa
  • Yin
  • Prenatal
  • Mums and Bubs
  • Restorative
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Trauma Informed Yoga
  • Meditation Classes
  • Womens Holistic Health
  • 1:1 Private Classes or Group Bookings


Grounded Flow was established in April, 2023 primarily to service the community of the Wollondilly Shire, while also offering yoga and meditation to not for profits such as The Blue Butterfly Institute which is a NFP based in the Wollondilly.

The mission of Grounded Flow is to provide a container of space where clients can allow themselves to deepen their practice with complete self autonomy while being gently guided by the teacher. The promotion of self advocacy for the client and meeting where you are right now on the mat mentally, physically and spiritually is an essential principle for Grounded Flow Yoga and Meditation.

Grounded Flow believes that while physical health is imperative to a balanced and healthy life, it is also essential to have a practice where mental and spiritual needs are exercised and met to create a holistic, full balanced life.

Grounded Flow Yoga and Meditation also offers a Trauma Informed Yoga Series which runs in 6 week blocks to those who may have experienced or be experiencing trauma and other mental health situations in their lives. This series is sensitive to all aspects of trauma, trauma responses and builds empowerment of the client as they progress through the 6 week series. Complete self autonomy is always given to the student as a critical principle. Where there is interest, these blocks can be run from Wellness Recharge and will always be a small class to promote the students access to full support and ensuring that all their needs are met.


Grounded Flow strives to be accessible to meet the enquiries, questions and the feedback of the community and students when required.
There are multiple points of contact and responses are provided as quickly as possible.
If you have any enquiries, questions, feedback or you would just like to find out more information you can contact Linz
via Email at [email protected] or Call / Text 0431 744 019

Alternatively, you can reach Grounded Flow Yoga and Meditation on our socials at Facebook.

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